Nepal – Part 2 – Visiting Sharada Secondary School

After visiting Aapchaur to see Bandhevi School it was time to travel Sankhuwasaba and see our current school project, Sharada Secondary School. We were welcomed with such joy by both students and the staff. It was a very special day where we spent a few hours learning more about the people of Sharada, and them about us. They invited us to visit with the students and talk about ourselves. In Nepal a “secondary school” has children all the way from kindergarten/nursery age up to grade/year 10 so we had lots of different ages of children to visit with. We also found out we were the first foreigners to ever visit the school so we caused quite a lot of excitement as you can imagine! They had prepared a wonderful local lunch of Dhal Bhaat for us, followed by dancing performed by students and an example of a local game.

Here are just a few of the images from this wonderful day…

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