Women’s Safe House – Update #23

By the second week of June, excavation for the upper portion of the building has started.

The second floor interlock walls are now complete. It is really good that this is all done prior to the monsoon season!

The second floor is beginning to transition into the third floor, as it steps into the slope.

Women’s Safe House – Update #22

Through the second half of May, construction has progressed well, and visitors to the site have been impressed. Local secondary school children spent a day assisting – many hands making light work!

By the end of the month, the shear wall damp proofing is in place at second floor level, and walls and columns on the second floor are nearing completion.

Women’s Safe House – Update #21

Work continues in May. The free-draining stone backfill has been completed behind the first lift of the shear wall. Work on the second floor columns and interlock walls is well underway.

Areas of the property are being cleared for fruit trees and for growing vegetables.

The lower retaining wall is now being extended, using additional funding provided by the local government.

Women’s Safe House – Update #20

The first floor slab was poured at the end of March

Progress has continued through April. The second floor columns and walls are under construction. This floor has five of the ten bedrooms.

The shear wall is damp proofed and backfilling with drain rock has started