Under Construction!

Construction is getting underway in Apchaur! We have transported almost all of the materials, except for the bricks which will be arriving today. The delay is because the government school has also begun their construction, which is causing some issues with storage and traffic.

We have encountered slight problem with water. We were not expecting the government school to be under construction until october, thats what we were told by school management, but for some reason they are mandated with completion within a month. This is causing some issues in terms of water required for construction. We are trying to manage water through rain water harvesting and have meeting with people from another village requesting for water.

Also, the school management has decided to change the location of construction. Now our school will be adjacent to the current school on the back side. So we are having to invest an extra 4 days to clear the stones and break the concrete that was already there.

Below are some update photos from the start of construction.

What do you think of this update?

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