Progress at Mahendra School – #8

Mahendra school photos from yesterday, before everyone broke for Dashain festival…
Grade beams all poured now.

This morning was a special one, we stayed last night at Parshu’s brothers in rural Chainpur, met Parshu’s father, what a lovely man and a fit 84 year old…… I awoke to his gentle chanting this morning that promptly put me back in a deep sleep!!
Parshu introduced us to a very hard working and displaced farmer who lost his housing after the landslides. SODEC got him a parcel of land that he has been farming, a few times he has not had food to feed his family and the locals have been helping him out, he has done an amazing job on his farm but needed a lucky break, so Carrie and I decided to buy him a buffalo….. way way easier than buying a car! The farmer Barun and his family were very appreciative as this is going to be a life changer for them providing them with milk for themselves and to sell, plus the buffalo we bought is a young female who will be able to breed in a year, this triples her value.

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