Where We Began

We have been very limited in our fundraising for more than a year, because of COVID, so we thought it would be useful to remind our readers of where (and why) we began. We will include further updates as we resume our range of events.

On April 25, 2015, lives were forever changed in Nepal by the devastating earthquake. Destruction was far and wide. Lives were lost and infrastructure was destroyed all over the country. The tragic incident was the catalyst for the formation of Another Brick in Nepal. Shortly after the earthquake, we formed with the goal of rebuilding some of the 9,000 schools destroyed or seriously damaged that day.

In October 2016, we made our first group trip to Aapchaur, a small remote village in the Nuwakot region. Walking up to the village was a powerful reminder of why we formed. The destruction was distressing to see. Over a year after the earthquake, homes and the school were in disrepair. That day we announced we would return to Canada to raise money to rebuild their school.

Damaged school
The condemned school building and one of the Apchaur council members

Our local business community and individual supporters helped fund this first school. It’s now almost four years since the new school building opened in Aapchaur. For four years, children in this region have been receiving an education at Bandhevi Primary School thanks to you. These children will have the chance of successful futures. This was and is a huge achievement and we cannot thank you enough for the support. You are helping change lives in Nepal.

The completed school is opened

Now, we are fundraising to build our fourth school in Nepal. The goal is to begin the project in October 2022. For more information on this project and how you can be part of it, please visit the project page.

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