The current state of Nepal

Over six years have passed since the 7.8 earthquake struck Nepal on April 25, 2015. The destruction was far and wide. Many world heritage sites were heavily damaged, in addition to hundreds of thousands of homes and some 9,000 schools. On top of the huge loss of infrastructure, thousands of people were killed or injured.

The process to rebuild after this amount of destruction is not easy for any country. This challenge is compounded by Nepal’s monsoon season that lasts from June until September. During this time, Nepal receives around 1,600 mm of rain inevitably leading to further damage in many regions from flooding and landslides. Construction projects are often delayed during the monsoon season.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on Nepal. As it is a developing country with limited resources, vaccines are not readily available. Many areas of Nepal are extremely remote, and vaccinating in these areas proves challenging. To date, approximately 21% of Nepal’s citizens have been fully vaccinated in comparison to Canada’s vaccine rate of 71%.

Tourism is one of Nepal’s main industries, and many people are employed directly or indirectly within Himalayan climbing and trekking. COVID-19 and the associated restrictions for the last eighteen months have limited the income of people all over the country. Restrictions have recently been lifted in Nepal allowing fully vaccinated travellers to enter the country for the upcoming trekking season. As we slowly move forward from COVID-19, more and more people will be able to enter Nepal, which will increase employment and have a positive impact on the economy.

At ABIN, we remain focused on our goal of providing education in Nepal. While there are significant challenges, we are able to change lives in Nepal by providing safe learning spaces for children.

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