Current Conditions in the School

The picture below is of one of the temporary classrooms being used since the earthquake destroyed the original school building in April, 2015. As you can see, the conditions are poor and not suitable to help these children learn and build a better future for their families. 


The space is cramped and ill-equipped with only a single white board for writing and a couple of dilapidated desks and benches. It’s a far cry from the classrooms most of us learnt in, and from where we want our children to learn. 


By raising only $60,000 we can take this temporary structure down and build these children a safe and solid 6 room school that will stand up to any future earthquakes. This seems like such a small sum when you think about the huge impact it will have on the lives of everyone in this village for years to come. Please help us give this village its school back – Donate Now!

Video Update

Our wonderful board member put together this excellent video about our inspiration, mission and the journey so far, enjoy!

Help us achieve our goal to rebuild schools for these amazing children and their community, giving them back the opportunities education offers – Donate Now

The Rebuilding Journey

Though we have faced many challenges on the journey so far, such as the joy of overcoming bureaucracy, the passion to help the children of Nepal is very much alive. This passion was renewed with a vengeance this October when the board members took a trip out to Nepal to visit the two villages in the Nuwakot region where the first two schools will be built.

The devastation of the 2015 earthquake is still very much a part of life in Nuwakot

Having the opportunity to meet with the children, teachers and parents in the communities reinforced the huge need there is for support. Both villages have received no aid since the earthquake over 18 months ago. One teacher told us that the attendance has dropped by almost 50% since the earthquake, they no longer have the facilities to support a proper education and so parents have taken their children out of school to help with crops and livestock. The children who are still attending are learning in temporary structures made of wood and corrugated metal with a couple of ramshackle benches.

The welcome we received, so much hope, laughter and flowers.

Despite the difficult situation these children are faced with, they are still so curious and excited to learn. They were all so thrilled to practice their English with us and show us what they could say. We brought friendship bracelets (made by Alana, one of our awesome team) to give to the children and they couldn’t have been more excited, with all of them gathering Alana around to get theirs tied on. We also took some balloons, this was the first time any of them had even seen a balloon so we got to show them how to blow them up and see their faces light up when they realized how they worked…and the fun noises you can make with them when you let the air out!

A few of the children and teachers standing next to their temporary school building.

Another Brick in Nepal will work with these communities to source local materials and labour to help them build safe and suitable schools to give their children the opportunity to choose their futures for many years to come. It is our hope that we will, with your support, be able to build these first two schools next year with many more to come. We will keep you up-to-date with any news, progress and upcoming charity events via the website. If you could please visit donation page and give generously we will be breaking ground in no time!


Rob Tournour, Founder of Another Brick in Nepal


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