Kharang Sharada School

Kharang Sharada School has 650 students, split 50/50 between girls and boys. The school is located in a growing community close to the town of Chainpur, in the same region as our last 3 schools. The school currently has around 60 students per classroom which is not ideal, the additional rooms will enable them to reduce this number to around 48 per room. In June 2022 a single storey 4 classroom building was partially completed, no finishing or plastering was done. ABIN’s scope is to add a second floor of 4 additional classrooms, also to add a roof top walk out level, and to finish and plaster all levels including windows, doors, paint and railings. This will complete the 8 room building for the school.

Construction started in early May 2023 and was completed in the fall of 2023.

You can see all the updates on the construction as it progressed – click here