Rob in Nepal – Part 3

I’m happy to report that the school is progressing well. We spent yesterday morning onsite reviewing construction and meeting with the school management committee. Here are are few pictures for you to see. 
Most importantly the one million rupees ( about $12,500.00) that is overdue from the local government should be forwarded to SODEC very soon. Ultimately the school should be completed in the 14 months that was original construction timeline presented to us. 
It’s 9:40 Saturday night here in Nepal and I’m done! I will try to send another email in the morning describing our day today. One school visit, Buddha’s birthday celebrations, a farm visit/meeting with farmers with our SODEC friends, and dinner tonight at a friend of Parshu’s here in Chainpur…. that’s how 6 am to 9 pm happened 🙏
We fly back to Kathmandu tomorrow at 10:55 which wraps up a very productive 5 days out here in Sankhuwasabha. 

What do you think of this update?

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