Women’s Safe House – Update #19

The project is progressing well through March By the middle of the month, the ground floor walls are being topped off. Lintels are going in above the windows A workshop is held with the Mayors and Deputy Mayors of all 10 Palikas of Sankhuwasabha…

Women’s Safe House – Update #18

In early March, the lower floor layout is really starting to take shape – with interlock brick walls and door and window frames made from locally harvested wood. These rooms will be mostly offices and an isolation wing. Lintel beams are being cast, and work has…

Women’s Safe House – Update #17

Over the last two weeks of February, good progress on the construction has continued. The ground floor slab has been poured The interlock brick walls, with vertical reinforcement, have started. The shear wall is progressing, and the ground floor layout is taking shape.

Women’s Safe House – Update #16

The stone fill that will be beneath the ground floor slab is in place.