Progress at Mahendra School – #8

Mahendra school photos from yesterday, before everyone broke for Dashain festival…Grade beams all poured now. This morning was a special one, we stayed last night at Parshu’s brothers in rural Chainpur, met Parshu’s father, what a lovely man and a fit 84 year old………

Progress at Mahendra School – #7

We visited the interlocking brick factory today, our bricks are all made and sitting there ready for delivery.

Progress at Mahendra School – #6

Today is the start of Dashain festival and for the next 4 days there will be no work in Nepal. So the next construction update will follow in a few days. We did visit the Khandbari farmers market this morning – amazing colours, sights and smells

Progress at Mahendra School – #5

Meeting with the Khandbari mayor