Rob in Nepal – Part 3

I’m happy to report that the school is progressing well. We spent yesterday morning onsite reviewing construction and meeting with the school management committee. Here are are few pictures for you to see. 
Most importantly the one million rupees ( about $12,500.00) that is overdue from the local government should be forwarded to SODEC very soon. Ultimately the school should be completed in the 14 months that was original construction timeline presented to us. 
It’s 9:40 Saturday night here in Nepal and I’m done! I will try to send another email in the morning describing our day today. One school visit, Buddha’s birthday celebrations, a farm visit/meeting with farmers with our SODEC friends, and dinner tonight at a friend of Parshu’s here in Chainpur…. that’s how 6 am to 9 pm happened 🙏
We fly back to Kathmandu tomorrow at 10:55 which wraps up a very productive 5 days out here in Sankhuwasabha. 

Rob in Nepal – Part 2

It’s 10:45 pm here in Khandbari and I am exhausted. Tonight we had a 5 pm meeting with our SODEC partners followed by a very long (but good) dinner. We were up at 6 am, gone at 7:30 back to the hotel for lunch at 11:30, then out from 12:30 until 10pm. 
Following our successful visit to Banibilas school on Tuesday we travelled some 3.5 hours yesterday along a very rough series of roads to reach Him SS in the remote village of Swachi. The final 8 or so kms into Swatchi was along a road that simply did not exist one year ago. 
Large group shot is at Him School. Smaller group shot was taken earlier today with the Mahendra School hard of hearing class. Those of you who were here in October will have recognized both the amazing children and the building that we are standing in front of. Before leaving I shared with the students via their signing teacher how moved we all were when they used the 1000 rupees ($12) that I gave them in October to buy chickens for their dinner rather than candy. They all laughed ! Today Craig and I gave them 1500 rupees so they they could get chicken and perhaps some treats too! 
I already have lots to report and am also very grateful to have Craig along for his invaluable assistance and insight. We have 2 days remains in the field and will be visiting Sharada School in the morning. Tonight is our last night at the Arati hotel as we will be staying in Chainpur for our final 2 nights in Sankhuwasabha. I will miss this incredible king bed!!! 
Best to all,

Rob in Nepal – Part 1

Here are a few pics from earlier today. Bani Bilas Secondary School, about 25 mins drive from Tumlingtar Airport. I just woke up from a lovely nap (7:15 pm Tuesday night) here. As you can see, we are at the Hotel Arati….. they put us on the 5th floor ! 
Tomorrow morning we will be visiting Him SS. To get there it is a 90 min drive and then  a 2 hr hike. I will keep you all apprised of all that we will be doing over the next 4 days.

Heading to Nepal

Rob Tournour, founder of Another Brick in Nepal, and his colleague Craig Fulton are heading to Nepal next week. They will be visiting Sharada Secondary School, our current school project, and also visiting a few other schools to try and find a suitable fit for our next project. He is going to be sending updates while in Nepal so check back to the website nofollow his trip!